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Scent Blast Five Pack


Buy this ScentBlast combo to get one each of our top five most popular fragrances for less than five dollars each


1 review for Scent Blast Five Pack

  1. Maya (verified owner)

    I have several nice things to say about these products and this business.

    1) The quality of these air fresheners are top notch. I had a friend of mine spray her scentblast in my car and I continued to smell it for a week after! This was the reason why I bought this bundle pack in the first place. To say the scent lasts a long time would be a major understatement.

    2) You can’t get this type of quality for this price. 5 bottles for less than $5 each?! It’s basically unheard of for the other air freshener brands. Do NOT pass this deal up!

    3) The customer service is amazing and quick with their responses. They really do care about their customers and making sure they are happy with their purchases. I initially complained because the website crashed and I was worried I wouldn’t get my order, so they responded back IMMEDIATELY and reassured me that the package was on its way, along with some free products for my troubles. I have never encountered such great customer service before, and with such speed.


    • Jonathan Strevell

      Thank you, May your kind words are what keeps us going.

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