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About Scent Blast

I created Scentblast air freshener in 2013. At the time, I owned a 2004 BMW that I loved. After many years of enjoyment, I had only one problem with the vehicle. The car had a funky smell to it. I tried many of the air freshening products on the market, like the paper trees that hang from a car’s rearview mirror or the aerosol sprays that are available everywhere. These products worked, but they didn’t last long enough to make a long-term difference inside my car. I thought there must be a way to have a beautiful fragrance that’s safe to use and have that fragrance linger around long enough to be worth using. After all, who wants to pay their hard-earned money for something that only works for a day or two? After many attempts by trial and error, I developed Scentblast, a highly concentrated fragrance oil that lasts for days with just a couple of sprays.

I loved Scentblast so much that I started going around and selling Scentblast to friends and family, and I eventually started selling Scentblast to local retail stores in my home area. Almost everyone who used the Scentblast air freshener loved it. Now Scentblast is available at over 500 stores in the Midwest, and its reputation is growing fast. Once I realized how well Scentblast worked for vehicles, I started wondering if it would do the same for the house, the office, or any space a person would like to freshen? That is when I developed Zenscents fragrance oil.

Zenscents is a highly fragrant scented oil made to be used in your favorite oil burner, or in one of my Scentblast electric fragrance oil burners. My oil burners can also double as a night light, and they have three modes: low for people who want a nice fragrance but don’t want to be overwhelmed by it; medium for just the right amount, not subtle but not overwhelming; and high mode for the person who wants to be right in the center of their favorite fragrance. My oil burners are safer than candles because they are less likely to cause a fire. There is no flame. You can buy my fragrance products from this website with confidence and know that I will back all my products that I sell with a 100% guarantee. Try my products. You will love them.