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Oil Warmer – BBSC-056


These elegantly designed electric Wax Tart / Oil warmers add Color, Character and beautiful decor to any room in your house or office. You activate the warmers by touching the metal base to turn on, change the setting, or turn off the warmer.

The Oil warmers usually average 5″ tall and have three touch settings low, medium, and high. Unlike fragrance candles, there is no flame you don’t have to worry about fires. The electric warmers are available in many colors and designs so you can find the one that you genuinely love.

These warmers also work great as a night-light. The warmers come with one 35W Halogen bulb (included) that lasts around 3000 hours and is replaceable.

Most big box retailers sell 35W halogen bulbs for replacement or you can contact or call us to reorder bulbs for warmers.

1 review for Oil Warmer – BBSC-056

  1. Nora

    I’m so amazed by how long lasting it is. Just bought this recently and I tried it out and my friends and husband could smell it from outside of my apartment building and I’m on the 3rd floor! Love it!!

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